Manual return version of KA-112
Protectors are returned manually

Basic Characteristics

Product summary

Detects overcurrent / locked rotor current and protects a motor from burnout
Performs manual return by pushing the button

Product purpose

Prevent burnout of general-purpose single-phase motors

Intended use

Electric power tools, food shredders, and other electric appliances that must not be automatically returned

Operating type

Bimetal type
(Convert a current applied to the product into heat in the internal heater, which then operates the bimetal and interrupts the circuit)

Compatible standard


Mechanical Characteristics

Case material

Phenolic resin
(UL 94, V-HB, CTI 175 or higher)

Operating temperature range

Temperature near motor: 20°C to 100°C
No freezing or condensation allowed

Connection terminal type

Terminal with holes
FASTON tab terminal (#187, #250)

Product mounting method

Fixed in place with M4 screws or by other means
38-mm interval

Electrical Characteristics

Rated voltage

AC 125/250V

Rated capacity

Up to 1.5 kW

Contact withstand current


Contact withstand count

200 times or more

Withstand voltage

1500 V for 1 minute
Leakage current: 10 mA or less

Insulation resistance

50 MΩ or higher with a 500-VDC megohmmeter

Characteristics Unique to This Product

  • Set operating temperature: 100°C to 140°C
  • Set return temperature: 0°C or less
  • Temperature tolerance: ±10°C