Changes the wind speed of a small fan
Connected to a power line to rotate the shaft and change conducting contacts

Basic Characteristics

Product summary

Changes the wind speed of a fan

Product purpose

Control the wind speed of a small fan or ceiling fan

Intended use

Small fans and ceiling fans

Operating type

Rotational switching of contact circuits

Compatible standard

UL94V-0/RoHS compliant

Mechanical Characteristics

Outer dimensions

φ 30×33.5

Case material

Nylon 66

Operating temperature range


Connection terminal type

Lug terminal

Product mounting method

Mounting shaft M9 male screw (nut)

Electrical Characteristics

Rated voltage

AC 125/250V

Rated capacity


Contact withstand count

Switch open/close operations at the rated voltage, rated current and a power factor of 0.75 to 0.80: 150,000 times

Withstand voltage

1500 VAC for 1 minute or 1800 VAC for 1 second

Insulation resistance

500 VDC megohmmeter
100 MΩ or higher

Characteristics Unique to This Product

  • Operating force: 4.9 to 34.3 N∙cm
  • Contact resistance: Initial value 50 mΩ or less
  • Contact load: 0.49 N or less