Mounted on a deep well and detects the water level by signaling to the main unit of the level switch the conductivity of the electrode caused by changes in the water level

Basic Characteristics

Product summary

Detects the water level of a deep well

Product purpose

High/low water control

Intended use

Deep well

Operating type

Change in conductivity between the pipe and electrode when the water level of a deep well changes and the tip of the electrode is submerged

Compatible standard

RoHS compliant

Mechanical Characteristics

Outer dimensions

Main unit
Φ16 × 188

Case material

Pipe: SUS 304
Bar: SUS 304
Retainer, cap: Phenol PM-GE

Operating temperature range

Maximum operating temperature: standard: 60°C, special: 105°C

Connection terminal type

Standard: VCTF 0.75 mm2 10 to 100 m
Gray, black
Special: SVHTF

Product mounting method

Water immersion
Electric VCTF cord (end treatment: performed by the customer)

Electrical Characteristics

Insulation resistance

500 VDC megohmmeter
100 MΩ or higher