June, 1948 Yamada Electric Manufacturing founded.
Began manufacture and sales of pressure and float switches.
November, 1952 Yamada Electric Manufacturing changed to Yamada-electric. LLC.
Capital ¥350,000.
April, 1953 Began manufacture and sales of burn prevention machines for single-phase small motors and thermostats.
May, 1957 Began manufacturing and selling floatless type liquid surface control devices.
August, 1958 Yamada-electric. LLC changed to Yamada-electric. co.
Headquarter factory moved for business expansion.
Capital increased to ¥5 million.
February, 1964 New Inuyama factory built along with parts of assembly lines and press machine divisions.
April, 1964 Began manufacture and sales of burn prevention machines for three-phase small motors.
October, 1964 Completed renovation of the new headquarter factory.
June, 1965 Developed current motor protector.
October, 1965 Began manufacture and sales of push-button switches.
December, 1966 Capital increased to ¥50 million.
April, 1967 Began manufacture and sales of thermal protectors.
February, 1969 Started the second expansion of the headquarter factory.
April, 1969 Relocated the Inuyama factory to Sakurakaido, the current location.
January, 1972 Completion of the new building of headquarter factory.
Began manufacture and sales of control panels.
June, 1973 Completed additional expansion of Inuyama factory.
Established a molding department.
August, 1976 Established a mass production system for centrifugal force switch.
Capital increased to ¥80 million.
December, 1976 Capital increased to ¥100 million.
January, 1978 Developed thermal protector with the largest capacity ever of 22kW.
August, 1978 Began official manufacture and sales of low temperature thermostats.
June, 1979 Developed PTC start relay thermal protector.
Continued development of water outage relay.
February, 1982 Developed pressure switches for compressors.
June, 1982 Provided technical support to SUE Co. in Thailand which involved production of equipments for thermal protectors.
April, 1983 Developed small DC motor protection thermal protector for cars.
October, 1983 Developed PTC application delay relay.
April, 1984 Developed vacuum switches.
August, 1984 Developed thermostats for self-retaining heat protection.
June, 1985 Developed reed switch type pressure sensors.
June, 1986 Developed photoelectric pressure sensors.
September, 1987 Developed CP type small current protectors.
December, 1988 Developed thermal protectors with temperature detection combined with an air conditioner.
June, 1989 Completion of the expansion on Inuyama factory for the extended production line on thermal protectors.
July, 1989 Developed microcomputer applied system control units.
September, 1989 Developed fail-safe multi-functional thermal protectors.
November, 1990 Developed a combination sensor for pumps.
Established the overseas branch, YAMADA ELECTRIC MFG. (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.
August, 1991 Provided technical assistance to the Republic of Belarus, including the exportation of facilities and equipments for the manufacturing of thermal protectors.
December, 1991 Developed microcomputer pump control units.
June, 1992 Developed new rotary switches for air conditioners.
Provided technical assistance to Russia, including the exportation of facilitates and equipments for the manufacturing of thermal protectors.
February, 1993 Relocated the head office to the current location.
March, 1993 Developed the electronic start-up relay.
May, 1993 Developed reversible governor switches.
December, 1993 Developed bubble type water level controllers.
June, 1994 Developed the voltage drop detection relay.
September, 1994 Was awarded The Minister of Health Labour and Welfare Award for excellent workplace for the disabled.
March, 1995 Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Overseas Business Development Survey Organization selected our overseas branch, YAMADA MALAYSIA, for inspection and gives a high evaluation.
April, 1995 Developed pressure sensors for inverter pumps.
January, 1996 Received The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Research Institute Award.
March, 1996 Developed integrated start-up operation control pressure switches.
April, 1996 Received The Science and Technology Director Award for the development of the fail-safe multi-functional thermal detector. Additionally, developed humidity-resistant pressure sensor.
December, 1996 Developed overcurrent relay for packaged-air conditioners.
March, 1997 Developed bubble-type water level monitoring devices.
July, 1997 Developed new thermal protectors for air conditioner combined with a CFC gas leak detector and an electromagnetic flow meter.
October, 1997 Developed linear output pressure sensors equipped with a semiconductor.
December, 1997 Developed new thermostats for inverter compressors and a new second-stage thermal protector.
February, 1998 Developed hysteresis switches for air compressor.
April, 1998 Developed pressure switches for handy compressor and plug-in type thermal protector.
October, 1999 Developed pressure switches for press machine.
April, 2000 Developed protective devices for air pump.
December, 2000 Developed immersion type water level monitors, bubble type water level monitors, and submersible pump flood detectors.
January, 2001 Established Yamada-electric Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.
February, 2002 Developed new rotary switches for air conditioner.
August, 2002 Developed pressure sensors for hot water.
January, 2003 Developed integrated flow meters for water purifier.
March, 2003 Developed indoor drainage pump units.
October, 2003 Developed origin point sensors for printer.
August, 2004 Developed pump controllers for households.
December, 2004 Developed throw-in type level controllers.
May, 2005 Developed accumulators for pumps.
March, 2006 Developed high-flow fine sensors.
April, 2006 Developed flow switches for pumps in overseas markets.
October, 2006 Developed frost prevention controllers.
November, 2007 Developed energy saving starter relays for refrigerators.
January, 2008 Purchased molding machines and started in the resin molding industry.
February, 2008 Developed circuit boards for fire hydrant pumps.
June, 2008 Developed variable thermostats for control panels.
July, 2008 Developed DCBL controllers, accumulator and fine sensor for water supply auxiliary pressurizing pumps.
February, 2009 Developed thermostats for inverter compressors.
April, 2009 Developed start switches for water pumps and high sensitivity thermal protectors.
January, 2010 Developed circuit boards for drainage pumps.
March, 2011 Developed alarm boards for pumps.
March, 2012 Developed DCBL motor driven circuit boards for pumps.
January, 2013 Developed new products related to the PTC heater.
February, 2013 Developed pressure switch for overseas markets.
November, 2014 Developed SD-100; a DCBL motor driven controller for solar pumps.
July, 2015 Developed TS-100, multi-sensing unit, for pumps.
June, 2016 Due to technical support from Murata Manufacturing CO., Ltd., for the PTC start relay 7M& TM series used in refrigerator compressors, we began manufacturing.
December, 2016 Developed sensor-free controllers for DCBL motor pumps.
August, 2019 Developed paddle type flow switch FSA-125.
November, 2019 Developed drought detection function pressure switch PS-106L.


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