Procurement guidelines
1. Open door policy ・ Fair trade

We believe in an open door policy to all suppliers for procurement.
We select suppliers based fairly on quality, price competitiveness, delivery time, engineering skills, environmental quality assurance systems, and management backgrounds. We aim to build co-prosperity based on mutual trust.
We promise a fair transaction.

2. Law and ordinances, corporate ethics compliances

We will comply with law and ordinances inside and outside the country.
We will not violate laws, regulations or principles of business.

3. Safety and health ・ environmental conservation ・ counter global warming initiatives

We regard safety and health, environmental conservation, initiatives for counter global warming as top priorities in dealing with procurement.
4. Respect for human rights

We believe in fundamental human rights of all parties.

5. Information security

In the course of our procurement activities, we will ensure that information obtained from suppliers and others is not leaked or divulged.

CSR supply standard
1. Respect for human rights

We respect individual cultural differences and international standards of human rights.
We do not discriminate in recruitment or treatment of workers, and we strictly prohibit child labor, forced labor, and low-wage labor.

2.Law and ordinances, compliance for corporate ethics

We respect law and ordinances inside and outside the country and prohibit unlawful bribes or other means of obtaining undue improper advantage. We respond lawfully to illegal organizations and will not provide any benefits to them.

3. Safety and health

We aim to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, such as preventing work-related injuries. We also promote a comfortable work environment.

4. Environmental conservation

We comply with the environmental conservation regulations and laws by dealing with industrial waste properly.
In addition, we aim to reduce environmental toxins which causes goes against environmental conservation efforts.

5. Information security

We take strict measures to protect and prevent any leaks of personal informations.

6. Product quality ・ Securing safety

We follow our quality management system to maintain product quality and safety in design to manufacture and meet the customers’ demand.