2. Corporate Philosophy , Message from the President

Company Profile

Message from the President

We are a special manufacturer of automatic control and protection devices which play an important role in various industrial devices and home appliances. Since our establishment in 1948, we have been committed to pursuing new technologies and improving productivity. In doing so, we now have a high reputation in the field of control and protection devices for a range of motors and pressure control for different types of pumps.
As electronization is advancing in various industrial fields, we are working to meet the needs through research and development of new products introducing electronic control technologies by making use of e mechanical technologies we have accumulated. We will make efforts to carry out our mission to contribute to Japan’s industrial development by developing and manufacturing high functionality and high quality products.

We appreciate your continued support and advice.

Company Philosophy

As a specialist in manufacturing control devices which are built into electric equipment and perform an important function, we are committed to developing our business and promoting the happiness of our employees by accomplishing our mission to contribute to society with our quality products.

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