Control Board for Various Kinds of Pumps

製品名Control Board for Various Kinds of Pumps

Control board for various pumps
Push-button switch on the control board surface to start/stop a pump
Detects the water level of various water tanks such as water tanks for fire fighting, make-up water tanks, and priming water tanks, and outputs an alarm by detecting overcurrent

Basic Characteristics

Product summary

Control boards for various pumps

Product purpose

Control board for various pumps of public facilities, etc.

Intended use


Operating type

Pressing the switch on the control board or the external start-up switch will start the pump, and pressing the stop switch on the control board will stop it.

Compatible standard

Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act RoHS compliant

Mechanical Characteristics

Outer dimensions

Control board: 180 × 165 × 1.6
Display board: 110 × 140 × 1.6

Case material

Board: Glass epoxy FR-4

Operating temperature range


Connection terminal type

External wiring: Terminal block for φ 3.5 crimp contact

Product mounting method

Fixed in place at 4 points with M3 screws (Board 4- φ3.5 pitch: 170 × 155 mm)

Electrical Characteristics

Rated voltage

+10% , -15%

Rated capacity

Control pump capacity: 0.75 kW to 200 kW

Contact withstand current

Relay contacts for alarms, etc.: 250 VAC, 5 A / 30 A DC, 5 A (resistance load)

Contact withstand count

70,000 times or more

Withstand voltage

1800 VAC for 1 second

Insulation resistance

500 VDC megohmmeter
10 MΩ or higher

Characteristics Unique to This Product

  • 7-segment LED display: Displays power voltage, pump current consumption, and clock
  • φ5 LED light: Indicates various conditions indicators (operation, stop, inspection, overcurrent, electric leakage, high/low water level alarms)
  • Relay output (operation, voltage, no-voltage, various alarms)
  • Buzzer output