This product is for a split-phase motor. It is mounted in the thrust direction of a motor shaft, and controls electricity to the starting coil of a motor by turning on/off the rotating part at certain rotational speed.

Basic Characteristics

Product summary

Standard size for general-purpose induction motors

Product purpose

Control the electricity to a motor starting coil

Intended use

Split-phase starting of a single-phase motor
Capacitor starting of a single-phase motor

Operating type

This product consists of a fixed part and a rotating part, and is mounted in the thrust direction of a motor shaft.
It turns a contact on/off at certain rotational speeds.

Compatible standard

RoHS compliant

Mechanical Characteristics

Outer dimensions

Rotating part: φ52 × 23
Fixed part: 73 × 47.3 × 15

Case material

Frictional part, bottom plate: phenol
Hardware, stopper: SPCC
Spring: SUS304

Operating temperature range


Product mounting method

Mounting shaft diameter
Ф15.5, Ф18

Electrical Characteristics

Rated voltage

AC 125V/250V

Rated capacity


Contact withstand current

250 W: 10 A or less
400 W: 15 A or less

Contact withstand count

500,000 or more (no load)

Withstand voltage

1500 VAC for 1 minute or 1800 VAC for 1 second

Insulation resistance

500 VDC megohmmeter
100 MΩ or higher